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Making Your Practice More Family Focused

Risks And Safety Measures Of Oil Field Jobs

by Monica Reynolds

Landing a job in an oil field can turn out to be a great career; however, this type of job includes risks. Oil fields can be dangerous places to work, and they are often located in remote areas, which are far away from hospitals and help. If you are worried about the safety of this job, you will be happy to find out that oil field businesses take many steps when it comes to safety. While there are numerous types of safety measures in place at oil fields, an important one is onsite industrial paramedic services.

What Are Industrial Paramedic Services?

Industrial paramedic services are designed to provide medical services for people working on oil and gas fields. The services are provided onsite the oil and gas fields, and there are paramedics there at all times. The purpose of this is to provide immediate medical care for people injured on the job, and this is important in this industry for several reasons.

The first reason is because of the risks associated with jobs in oil and gas fields. There are numerous ways employees can get injured and medical help is often needed right away for these injuries.

The second reason industrial paramedic services are important is because of the distance between the oil fields and the nearest hospital. Most oil fields are located far from hospitals. Because of this, an injured person would not be able to receive medical treatment fast enough if injured on the job.

Industrial paramedic services are vital for jobs like this because they offer immediate care for minor and major injuries. When a person is injured, the medical team can look at the injury right away. The staff will treat all minor injuries right away and will transport people with major injuries to hospitals. They can do this in ambulances, or they can fly people in small planes or helicopters.

Industrial paramedics are also able to complete a variety of other services onsite, including:

  • X-rays
  • Drug testing
  • Immunizations
  • Medical checkups
  • Injury prevention education and awareness

Knowing the oil field you are working on has industrial paramedic services may ease your worries and concerns about your new job; however, it may make you wonder what the risks are of working on an oil field.

What Are The Risks?

Working on any type of oil or gas field has a variety of risks, but the company you work for will take steps to create the safest work environment possible. The company may hire a safety organization to help them with this, and they will probably require safety training for all employees. This is important because of the risks you take working in this environment, and here are some of these risks:

  • Hazardous chemicals – During the processes used to drill oil and gas, employees may be exposed to a variety of different chemicals, which can be dangerous if inhaled. This includes hydrogen sulfide and silica, which are both released from oil wells.
  • Noise – A great deal of noise is often made from the equipment used on oil fields, but you will learn what types of protective gear you must wear to protect your ears from damage.
  • Radioactive material – Oil production often causes leaks of radioactive material, which is something that can be deadly if the quantities are large enough.
  • Equipment – Accidents can also occur from the equipment and operators on an oil field.

As you prepare for your new job, you should make sure that you learn all the safety rules and regulations for the job, and you must follow them.

Working on an oil field can be dangerous, but medical help is always present. If you have any questions about the safety of this job, or the services offered by industrial paramedics, ask your employer before you start your job.