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Making Your Practice More Family Focused

Think Before You Ink: Choosing Your Tattoo To Avoid Future Regret

by Monica Reynolds

The number of people who are choosing tattoo removal is climbing. In the United States, elective tattoo removal jumped up 43% from 2011 to 2012. Other countries, including Canada, are seeing similar rises in numbers. So, if you're consider getting a tattoo, it's best to read over some of the reasons to think it over. You may end up paying for removal in the future if you are not careful

Will it affect your ability to get a job?

One of the biggest reasons why people rethink their ink is because it can affect your ability to land a good job-- only 23% of employers say that the presence of tattoos on a prospective employee would not affect their decision at all. Other employers say that it depends on where the tattoo is, what it depicts, and what job they are trying to hire for. So, if you're going to use your skin as a medium for your self expression, but still want to be a competitive candidate for your dream job, be sure to:

  • keep it simple and keep it small. Sometimes, you can say a lot with something minimalist. For example, instead of tattooing the word "Freedom!" across your shoulder blades, maybe consider a small bird in flight-- something that might symbolize freedom to you. 
  • choose an area that can be covered if needed. Avoid tattooing your face, side or front of the neck, or forearms if you want a tattoo that is large or colorful. Choose the leg, shoulder, back of the neck, or upper arm for your ink. This way, the tattoo can be covered by work appropriate clothes, but shown off when you go to the club or out with friends. 
  • choose a design that would convey a positive message. Gang symbols, violence, or gothic pictures will be more likely to turn an employer away. Positive phrases and symbols are the safest. 

Are you following a trend?

Sometimes your desire to get a tattoo may come from the fact that inking a certain part of the body or choosing a specific picture is a fad. For example, many young girls in the late eighties and early nineties would tattoo a design on their lower back. These gained the unsavory nickname "tramp stamp" and have since decreased in popularity. Similarly, roses, quotes from books or movies, or other trendy designs will go out of style and become less cool-- both to you and the people around you. 

To avoid being "dated" by your tattoo, choose something independent of trends that has special meaning to you, like the initials of your son or daughter or a word that you want to live your life by. Don't choose a design that anybody might have, or choose a spot that all your friends are picking. You may regret it later.

Will the design embarrass you later?

Another reason why people pay for removal is because the tattoo they got when they were 20 is now silly or embarrassing at 35 or 40. Some examples of designs that may not stand the test time include:

  • tributes to girlfriends or boyfriends. Your love may not be nearly as eternal as the ink on your skin-- and the the latter will be a more painful break-up financially and physically.
  • words or phrases that are innuendos or inside jokes. Words like "sexy" or "come and get it" on your lower abdomen may seem alluring to you as a young adult, but as you age, those words may bring chagrin instead of confidence.
  • words or symbols from other languages that may not mean what you think they mean. Hindu or Mandarin symbols may look pretty awesome, but if you happen to run into a native speaker only to find out "peace" really means "toilet", it'll be a rude awakening for you.

These types of tattoos are often the decision of whim or a moment of peer pressure. Remember, a tattoo may seem like a wild, daring choice in the moment, but remember, it is permanent. Tattoo removal can be effective if you suffer from ink regret in the future, but you can avoid regret altogether if you take some time to consider the consequences of the needle.