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Making Your Practice More Family Focused

Trusting Your Body And Protecting Your Health - Signs You May Need Hernia Treatment

by Monica Reynolds

As you age, your body will undergo a wide variety of changes and, unfortunately, be susceptible to an increasing number of maladies. Activities that may have caused you no stress in your youth may suddenly prove challenging, and it's easy to find yourself dealing with a serious injury such as a hernia simply by repetitive motion or lifting reasonable loads.

If you do suffer from a hernia, there's no reason to live in pain or risk exacerbating your health concerns. Below, you'll find a guide to some signs you should seek out hernia treatment, allowing you to keep an eye out for serious problems, and guaranteeing you can always receive the proper care.

Growing Lumps

A hernia occurs when a tear in your abdominal wall allows organs to begin to protrude. As such, often times those protrusions become visible as lumps on your abdomen. Over time, as swelling grows and more of your tissue begins to escape the tear, you might see expansion of these lumps.

If your hernia signs are continuing to expand and lumps on your abdomen are growing, it may be a sign that excess intestinal tissue is at risk of being damaged. Your intestines can have their blood supply limited by a hernia, and this can cause tissue death that creates serious health problems.

Consistent Abdominal Pain

Not all hernias are immediately evident as a protrusion. Occasionally the infiltration occurs entirely internally, and in other cases, it may be small enough to go largely unnoticed. The pain, however, is unlikely to be mild enough that you'll be able to ignore it.

Differentiating muscle pain in your abdomen from gastrointestinal distress is an important step in making sure you're seeking out the proper hernia treatment. It's also important to remember that a hernia may cause both issues to occur, and so if they're recurring and persistent, you should seek treatment as quickly as possible.

Loss Of Core Strength

When your abdominal walls are torn, even simple tasks like going from prone to sitting can be an arduous process. Lifting items or other exercise may seem almost impossible. In the case of a developing hernia, you might lose some of this strength practically overnight. This sudden drop off is usually a reliable warning sign of a problem in your abdominal muscles, and often times is the precursor to a serious hernia. Make sure you monitor your strength and seek treatment once it starts to evaporate.

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