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Making Your Practice More Family Focused

3 Types of People That Can Suffer From Back Pain

by Monica Reynolds

Over 31 million Americans will experience back pain in their life. In fact, back pain is the leading cause of disability. You would expect that accidents cause most people to have back pain, or blame it on ageing. This is not always the case. Take a look at 3 surprising kinds of people that suffer from back pain and how you can prevent it.

Skinny People

It makes sense that obese and overweight people experience back pain; extra weight around your waist really strains your back. However, even skinny people can have back pain. If you are older, have a family history of back pain, are pregnant or smoke, your risk factor increases regardless of your weight.  Daily activities such as lifting children and heavy objects take its toll too.

Usually, weak muscles and limited flexibility contribute to whether thinner people have back pain. One way to combat this especially if your risk factors are high is to strengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility. This is something you can easily do at a gym or at home after discussing it with your chiropractor.

Techy People

Another culprit causing back pain is the techy, gadget-driven world you live in. if you use your phone or computer for long hours, you may find yourself in a hunched-over position. Doing so stresses the lower part of your back as it tries to support your upper body. Several hours in this position strains your muscles, pinches your nerves, and could result in a herniated disc. Just bending your neck to read texts or check Facebook strains your muscles.

The solution? Get up from your computer and stand or walk for a little while.  As you are seated, be aware of your posture and invest in a comfortable chair and work desk. If you're socializing on your phone screen a lot, take a break and interact face to face with real people instead.

Depressed People

Depression and chronic pain – like back pain – share some of the same brain chemicals transmitting signals between nerve cells. It's no wonder, then, that people with chronic pain have problems with depression, and people with depression are more likely to suffer from chronic pain. This makes sense considering chronic pain increases your dependence on others for help, disrupts your sleep, and prevents you from participating in activities you love.

One way to help prevent back pain associated with depression is to prevent your self-esteem from being negatively affected. As your back pain is being treated, it's just as important to treat your emotional symptoms as well.

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