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Making Your Practice More Family Focused

How To Get Medical Help When You're New In Town

by Monica Reynolds

Have you recently relocated your family to a new town? If so, you probably are experiencing many different emotions. For example, you might be sad about leaving old friends behind. On the other hand, there might be an element of excitement about meeting new friends. Of course, moving into a new town also means that you don't have the standby medical care that you had before you moved. From establishing yourself with a new doctor to finding a walk-in clinic, here are some ideas on how to get medical help when you're new in town.

Finding A New Doctor -

The tricky part about finding a new doctor for your family to use is that you're more than likely also looking for an office staff that is friendly and helpful. In addition, since you and your family members will be brand new patients, you might be put on a waiting list before you can see the doctor.

  • Consider asking the doctor from your past town to give you referrals of doctors.
  • Think of asking your neighbors for names of doctors they like.
  • You might even want to visit different doctor's offices to meet the staff in person.
  • Think of finding a family practice doctor who will then refer you to specialists like gynecologists.

Find A Walk-In Clinic -

Finding a new doctor is all well and good, of course. However, what do you do until you're established in the doctor's practice? What happens if one of your children gets sick enough to have to see a doctor? How about the flu shots you know you should be getting? Think about finding a walk-in clinic even before you have an emergency.

  • See if the medical clinic takes your insurance.
  • Explain that you're new in town and that you don't have a family doctor yet.
  • After being treated at the walk-in clinic, you might decide to simply use that facility.
  • After all, walk-in clinics can more than likely help you in all your medical needs.

Think of establishing yourself at the walk-in clinic even when you know that you'll be getting permanent doctors for you and your family members. After all, most doctors aren't open twenty-four hours a day, and they're probably closed for holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Find a walk-in medical clinic, such as Affinity Medical Clinic, that is open twenty-four hours a day and every day of the year so you'll be ready for any medical emergency that arises.