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Making Your Practice More Family Focused

Have you ever wondered why some families flock to certain practices year after year? When I first started practicing medicine, I realized that it was difficult to provide a great level of care for different age groups in the same office. If the rooms were painted like a storybook for the kids, it seemed to frustrate the adults. However, after years of trying different things, I have been able to develop a formula that works well for my business. If you have been struggling to improve your own practice, take a few minutes to browse through the articles on my website.


Making Your Practice More Family Focused


Your First Massage

After hearing how fantastic relatives, co-workers, or friends feel after an appointment with a masseuse, your own appointment could be scheduled. To enjoy the sensations and benefits massage offers, prepare with these first session ideas and consider taking massage classes to learn how to do this yourself. Discuss Your Health Before you ever lay down for a massage, it's important that the masseuse working on you understands your health and any issues you might have which could affect the session.

PMDD – It Could Be What's Ruining Your Life

Some of the greatest sitcom episodes have included bits about PMS – how scary a woman can become when the "big red beast" comes to town. Unfortunately, PMS isn't all that funny to live with in real life, but what's worse than dealing with PMS is living with PMDD. What is PMDD? Premenstrual dysphoric disorder is much like PMS, but worse – so much worse – like PMS on steroids. PMDD can make living your life difficult, if not impossible for several days out of each month.

Protecting Your Skin During The Summer

It doesn't take long for UV rays to damage your skin. For that reason, you will want to take steps to protect your skin during the summer so you won't need as many skin treatments to look younger again. Effects of the Summer Sun Skin damage as a result of sunlight can lead to all sorts of negative effects for your skin, including dry skin, sunburns, premature aging, a rough complexion, and solar elastosis.

Four Little Habits That May Be Contributing To Your Chronic Neck Pain

Do you struggle with ongoing neck pain, even though you have never injured your neck or had a significant traumatic experience? Neck pain of this type is often caused (or made worse by) a variety of bad habits that are peppered through your daily life. Here's a look at four such habits. Sleeping on an Old Pillow How old is your pillow? If it is more than a year or two old, it is probably time for a new pillow.

What To Do If Your Contact Lens Is Sliding

When a contact lens is right for you, you can tell right away. Contact lenses that are properly designed based upon your prescription needs won't slide, become blurry, or cause discomfort for your eyes. However, if a contact lens that once worked well is now sliding, here are a few troubleshooting tips to figure out why and to resolve the problem. Soak Lens One of the biggest reasons for a contact lens to slide is that your contact or your eye have a moisture problem.